Bioesthetic Materials in Restorative Dentistry

Advances in esthetic dentistry have led to the development of a variety of reliable adhesive systems that assure a strong bond and superior clinical performance. However the search continues for bioactive restorative systems that simulate the aesthetics and biomechanics of the natural tooth while offering an innovative edge over the conventional systems. As more clinicians adopt the growing trend of minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry in their practice, direct cosmetic restorations are being preferred over more invasive options whenever suitable. The demand for biomimetic materials that mimic the complexities of the natural teeth is escalating to meet the aesthetic requirements of today’s discerning clinicians and patients alike.

Giomer, a novel biocompatible restorative system, based on PRG technology is created through the hybridization of PRG fillers and resin composite material. This bioaesthetic restorative material offers protection by releasing cariostatic fluoride and simulates the optical properties of natural teeth for high end aesthetic results.

Studies have also shown the evidence of an anti-plaque effect through thecreation of a special material film layer on the restiration surface. Other recent in vitro reasarch studies also show bio-active effects of GIOMER.

Naotake Akimoto, DMD, PhD
Faculty Member, Department of Operative Dentistry, Tsurumi University School of Operative Dentistry
Visiting Research Scientist, University of Alabama at Birminham, USA
Member, Japan Dental Association
Member of Japan Sociaty of Adhesive Dentistry
Member, Japanese Society for Dental Materials and Devices

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