Biological Mechanical Chemical Debridement

One goal we have in our dental practice is to reach as close to 100% successrate in our root canal treatment cases. To be able to achieve this, we need to effectively and thoroughly debride and disinfect the root canal system – bilogically, mechanically and chemically. Biological: we need to understand the nature of the biofilm in the root canal system to be able to reduce bacterial populations to a level below that which is necessary to induce or sustain disease.

Mechanical: we need to realize the importance of mechanical cleaning and shaping of the canal, master the basics and learn new technologies that could improve canal debridement and disinfection. Chemical: we need to know the significance of the chemical action of intracanal irrigating solutions as well as improve irrigating techniques.

Emabel Sibayan-Jugo, DMD
Faculty, Oral Medicine Department, University of the Philippines College of Dentistry
Member, Endodontic Society of the Philippines
Member, Philippine Association of Hospital Dentistry

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