Dentists at Risk

Most people may not consider a dental office to be a place where one may possibly lose his hearing, but the prescribed limit of occupational noise exposurefor any worker should not exceed 85 decibels.

Most dental handpiecesare between 90 to 200 decibels, which puts the dental professionals at risk for hearing loss over time. There are other more damaging sources of noise that can cause hearing loss to dentists, but there areways to preserve hearing so that they will not be among the statistics of hearing impaired dental professionals.
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Infection Control

The dental clinic is a classic setting where infectious agents are potentially contracted and transmitted. Because of the high risk for transmission, several measures are undertaken to break the chain of infection such as adequate patient assessment, sensible individual protection, appropriate instrument sterilization and surface disinfection and proper waste disposal. These approaches can be methodically practiced if one understands the biologic nature of infectious agents sought for elimination.
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