Periodontal Diseases

Periodontal disease is a complex prevalent condition that affects both young and old alike. It is characterized by redness and swelling of the gingiva which brings about the increased tendency to bleed. Advanced stages of periodontitis may also be associated with increased tooth mobility and loss. Patients suffering from this condition may complain of bleeding gums, flaring of teeth and a dull ache. The concern is that patients and even the dentists at times are completely unaware of its early presence and progression that by the time the condition is noticeable and felt, infection and severe loss of attachment has already taken place.
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Chronic Periodontitis

Chronic Periodontitis is a common disease of the oral cavity consisting of chronic inflammation of the periodontal tissues that is caused by accumulation of profuse amounts of dental plaque. Gingival inflammation and bone destruction are often painless and patients sometimes assume that painless bleeding after teeth cleaning is insignificant, although this may be a symptom of progressing chronic periodontitis in the patient.

Malocclusion is a condition in which there is an abnormal arrangement of the teeth. Causes of malocclusion could be either by pre-existing condition or by environmental factors. Periodontal disease causes the gums to pull away from teeth to become loose and separate.
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Periodontal Health

In the last decade epidimiological studies have shown an association between periodontitis and cardiovascular events although this was based on surrogate variables like hs crp, bacterial load, antibodies and carotid intima media thickness by high resolution ultrasound.

The significant effect of periodontal of periodontal treatments on these variables have been shown. There is still however a need for large randomized trial to make it an independent risk factor for CV disease as of yet. Oral health influences systemic health in general and cvd in particular. There is lack of wareness of these issues and there is a need for further dissemination. Continue reading

Periodontally Involved Teeth

Peridontal prognosis refers to the prediction of outcome or future of the tooth once the periodontal disease sets in. The primary goal of periodontal therapy is the long term retention of teeth in a state that is healthy, painless, esthetically pleasing and functional. At the end of active therapy, the tooth could be lost or could still survive and be stable. Continue reading