Characteristics of Dental Implants

The most important characteristic of dental implant is that the direct bone anchorage can support a free standing fixed denture. Dental implants in themselves, can support a denture and do not rely on atural abutment dentition for additional stabilization.

Dental implant treatment was originally designed for the edentulous patient to support a full arch denture using four to six fixtures. This type of full arch denture was called Toronto denture but better termed a fully bone anchored denture. Toronto denture are cantilevered through the second premolar areas.

The bilateral cantilevered sections are limited to 10 millimeters on each side for the maxilla and 20 millimeters on each side for the mandible.

Dr. Orlando L. Miclat
Chief Dentist, Osseo Dental

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    • There is a possibility of pain if there’s a complication, like periimplantitis, fracture of components, bone complications etc. The pain from complications if there’s any is not called “toothache”.

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