Cystic Lesions of the Jaw

Cystic lesions associated with odontogenic tissues are relatively common in the jaws and oral cavity. There are multifarious types of cysts, thus a simple classification of the various types will guide us towards the comprehension of odontogenic and nonodotogenic cyst. The pathogenesis of odontogenic cysts is so relevant to our understanding of the development of cystic lesions.

Early recognition and treatment of the cystic lesion are so important to our practice of dentistry as it prevents further destruction of the jaw bones. This means we should be aware of the signs and symptoms clinically. We should also be aware of the radiographic presentation of these lesions. Neoplastic lesions of the jaws could also present like a cyst. Differentiation between benign odontogenic cyst and cystic tumors is essential.

Myra Elliot, BDS
Consultant Dental Surgeon
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Mount Elizabeth Hospital Singapore

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