Dental Caries and Fluoride Toothpastes

An update on the understanding of dental caries will lead us to correcting certain myths on dental caries, using modern methods of visual and radiographic diagnosis of dental caries at its early stages and adapting contemporary tooth structure conservation and reliable dental caries prevention measures. Dental caries is produced as a result of an unbalance between bacterial plaque and dental substance. Its treatment is directed to reestablishment of balance between demineralization and remineralization of the tooth.

Dental caries is the most prevalent chronic childhood disease in the world. With limited access to dental treatment in most developing countries, it is imperative to shift strategies from dental treatment to the prevention of dental caries. most of the children we see in Asia belong to medium and high caries risk patients who will benefit highly from fluoride, considered as the best cariostatic agent. It has now been learned that its main effect is topical while its systemic action is only minimal. Although other fluoride modalities are available to those who may have access, fluoridated toothpaste will remain the most affordable and effective, primary caries preventive agent to children

Carina Mabanta-De Los Reyes, DMD

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