Dentin Graft in Implant Dentistry

Dentin graft is the advanced clinical concept based on materials science. We achieved the first autograft of demineralized dentin matrix (DDM) for the sinus graft in 2002. The bone inducing property of rabbit dentin was discovered in 1967 by Urist’s Group. However most dental doctors still don’t know the important evidences of dentin matrix. Biorecycle of patient own teeth is an attractive unique technique.

Dentin and bone are almost similar in chemical components. They consist of collagen (18%), non-collagenous proteins (2%), HAp (70%) and body fluid (10%) in weight volume. The matrix is a repository of BMPs, TGF-B, IGF and bFGF.

A vital tooth derived DDM is defined as acid insoluble collagen with growth factors, and is proved to be osteo-conducive. We could achieve immediate transplant of DDM, using newly developed mill for tooth crush, in 2007.

As of today, there numerous successful cases of DDM autograft.

Dr. Masaru Murata
Fellow, Society of Hard Tissue Biology and Bangladesh Academy of Dentistry International
Associate Professor of the Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Health Sciences University of Hokkaido Japan
Visiting Professor, Pioneer Dental College, Dhaka Bangladesh

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