Effective Dental Caries Management

Dental caries is still one of the most common chronic diseases affecting the health of individuals. It is a disease caused by the complex interaction over time between the dental plaque biofilm and diet as well as host factors including teeth and saliva. The restorative treatment of the carious lesion often proves a challenge to dentists as ideally it should be minimally invasive and tissue preserving.

However dental restorations do not have long term impact on cariogenic bacteria levels in the biofilm which will still make individuals susceptible to thedisease throughout their lifetime. Recent advances in our knowledge of the cause and progress of caries has allowed entirely new ways of managing caries as a disease, rather than a lesion, to be developed. Anti-bacterial agents can be used to reduce the pathogenic dental biofilm.

Rashid Tahir, BDS, Msc
Adjunct Senior Lecturer, National University of Singapore
Visiting Consultant, Pediatric Dentist, Cleft and Craniofacial Center Of Kandang Kerbau Women’s and Children Hospital

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