Enhancing Dental Pulp Regeneration by Gene Transfection & Stem Cell Transplantation

Vital dental pulp tissue is essential for maintenance of homeostasis and long term survival of the tooth. Stem cell based regeneration with/without gene modification has a promising potential to develop as an essential approach to treat pulpitis while regenerating the pulp’s vitality. Stem cell based tissue engineering requires the interplay of three key elements:
1. progenitor cells
2. inductive morphogenetic signals
3. extracellular matrix scaffold

The conventional approach of tissue engineering is to encapsulate stem/progenitor cells within a biodegradable scaffold with / without necessary growth factors. However, there is an enormous variety of scaffolds available in tissue engineering and it’s a challenging task to select one which can mimic the extracellular matrix of the target tissue.

Prof. Chenfei Zhang
Ph D., Beijing Medical University
Associate Professor, Hong Kong University

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