How Much Do Dental Implants Cost

Many people are searching for the dental implants cost as the problem of edentulism is decreasing these past few years. Thanks to dental information available online, people are now more aware about their dental health. Dental implants cost is not that high if you think about those years of agony from edentulism.

You can’t talk clearly. You can’t eat what you like. Imagine those years of suffering.

Dental implantology is a procedure in which a dentist places a biocompatible artificial root in ones jawbone to support a prosthesis securely.

Dental implant restoration is the nearest-to-natural-replacement for a missing tooth or teeth. It is made in such a way that there’s is no need for grinding down the adjacent teeth. It is a conservative way of replacing ones missing tooth.

The cost of dental implant usually ranges from $3,500 to $15,000 depending on several factors like the number of missing teeth, number of implants to be installed, brand of implant system to be used, type of final prosthesis, ability of the dentist and many more.

Complex implant cases will have a higher cost. This is because pre-implant treatments are sometimes necessary. Bone and soft tissue grafts, and even orthodontic treatment are sometimes necessary in Implantology to achieve predictable results.

There are ways to lower the cost of implant treatment. You can find an affordable dental implant treatment in Asian countries. The Philippines is one good example. Filipino dentists offer high quality but affordable dental implant treatment. Dentists in the Philippines are known as caring and hospitable professionals.

It is important to find an experienced dentist to do your dental implants. The dentist’s experience and training equates to a very successful implant therapy. Experience means the number of Implant cases he has done. Training is the number of hours he took his implantology course.

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