Implant Rehabilitation of Reconstructed Mandible

In Asia, oral tumors or cancers are common due to its population and additional predisposing factors such as betel nut chewing. Patients suffering from benign and maligant tumours of the mandible commonly require resection of the involved alveolusmor mandibular segmant. Reconstruction of the mandible is considered important for the restoration of facial esthetics, speech and dental occlusion.

The methods of mandibular reconstrcution have undergone considerable improvement by stereomodel and computer planning, making the restoration of the mandibular contour a reliable technique. The choice of bone grafts has gradually shifted from non-vascularized to vascularized bone flaps due to their low infection risk. The challenge now rest in the restoration of dental occlusion, which is generally accepted to be best with dental implant supported prostheses.

The principle of success are in the restoration of missing tissues of mandible, including bone and gingiva to match with the need for the dental implants.

Dr. Cheung Lim Kwong
OMS, Hongkong
Director, CLK Center of Cranio-maxillofacial and Dental Implants

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