Minimal Intervention Dentistry

The term Minimal intervention Dentistry was introduced to draw the attention of the dental profession to the fact that both peridontal disease and dental caries are, multifactorial, biofilm and life-style associated diseases.

In relation to caries, it is now realized that the surgical or restorative approach is not sufficient in its control becuase this barely repair the tooth and does notaddress the root of disease. In the new era of Minimal Intervention Dentistry, the dentist has to master the skills of a surgeon, physician and counselor. A healthy biofilm is the beginning of a good general health so what can be achieved in the dental office can have important systemic benefits.

Suchit Poolthong, BSc, DDS, MScDental Materials, PhD
Assistant Professor and Deputy Dean
Research and International Affairs
Faculty of Dentistry, Chulalongkorn University

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