An impacted tooth is defined as a tooth that can not or will not erupt into its normal functioning positions. Most commonly impacted teeth from greater frequency to the least are mandibular 3rd molars, maxillary 3rd molars, maxillary cuspids, mandibular premolars. Odontectomy is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures by oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

It requires extensive training, skill and experience to perform in an atraumatic fashion. According to P.P. Rood et al Turner Dental School Department of OMS, Manchester, surgical removal of an impacted tooth may result in damage to the nerves and may cause disabling anesthesia to name a few, the lip, gingiva and skin that are supplied by the nerves involved in the procedure. That is why careful planning and evaluation are first considered prior to the procedure, assessment of skills in performing the surgery and knowledge in handling possible post op complications.

Dr. Leo Alfonso T Dizon

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