Peri-implant Membrane

With dental implant, the abutment to implant fixture junction corresponds to the cemento-enamel junction present in natural teeth. The peri-implant membrane is similar to that present in natural teeth, consisting of peri-implant freee gingiva which correspond to natural teeth free gingiva. In the peri-implant gingiva, the sulcular epithelium forms the peri-implant gingival crevice and junctional epitheliumn attaches to the abutment forming a cuff.

The sulcular epeithelium actually consists of more keratinized cell; apically it is referred to as junctional epithelium. Junctional epithelium consists of basal cell layer with basal cells attached to desmosomes.

Dr. Orlando L. Miclat
Chief Dentist, Osseo Dental

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