Periodontal Diseases

Periodontal disease is a complex prevalent condition that affects both young and old alike. It is characterized by redness and swelling of the gingiva which brings about the increased tendency to bleed. Advanced stages of periodontitis may also be associated with increased tooth mobility and loss. Patients suffering from this condition may complain of bleeding gums, flaring of teeth and a dull ache. The concern is that patients and even the dentists at times are completely unaware of its early presence and progression that by the time the condition is noticeable and felt, infection and severe loss of attachment has already taken place.

Much of the clinical concern during mouth examination is that early attachment loss remains undetected. There are different clinical limits in periodontics. The clinical limits are relevant to the different stages of the disease. Understanding the changes that the periodontium goes through during a microbial attack would somehow justify the use of these parameters routinely and aid in classifying the disease accordingly. The ultimate objective for early detection is to preserve the epithelial attachment and delay the deterioration of the periodontium upon aging.

Dr. Juan Vicente Jaurigue
Member, Philippine Society of Periodontology

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