Periodontitis & Peri-implantitis

Today, the replacement of missing teeth with restorations anchored on endosseous dental implants is a standard treatment option in most dental practices and / or clinics. The number of dental implants placed worldwide is increasing every year. However, the increasing number of implants is accompanied by an increasing incidence of peri-implantitis, leading to the disintegration of a formerly successful osseointegrated dental implant.

Dentists should know the current data of implants and / or peri-implantitis and to discuss the preventive measures, treatment optionns as well as the prognosis of implants vs natural teeth in the long run.

Dr. Axel Spahr
Head of Periodontics, Sydney Dental Hospital
Head of the Discipline Periodontics, University of Sydney

2 thoughts on “Periodontitis & Peri-implantitis

  1. Hi Dental Implants Cost,
    Thanks for the above, I have periodontitis with bone loss. Periodontist told me to use biotene mouthwash because he believes dry mouth is caused by the several medications I take. He told me anti-depressant medications dry the mouth and because I have been on them long time, I should use biotene mouthwash. However, what does biotene have to do with periodontitis and bone loss? Does it cure or control further periodontal disease? i did have dry mouth but i drink water.
    BTW great blogpost

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