Treatment of a Severely Broken Down Tooth

It’s often difficult to make a choice when confronted with a heavily compromised tooth. We are bombarded with information about the wonders of new composite resin, ceramic materials and techniques which suggest we can restore just about any type of defects. Conversely, we are also led to believe that implants can solve any problem, hence no need for restoration.

Here are some of the most vexing questions:

  • Does the tooth need a root canal therapy and if RCT was done before?
  • What should we look out for?
  • Is there science behind claims of a dental material being more protective than another?
  • Is crowning a tooth always benefecial?
  • When is composite restoration an ideal treatment modality?
  • How do I ensure success and longevity for the crowns I place for patients?
  • How does occlusion play a role in the success of the treatment that I provide?
  • How do I know if this tooth is even worth saving.

We should learn the answer to these questions that plague us in our daily clinical practice.

Dr. David Roessler
Prosthodontist, Sydney CBD
Supervising Specialist Clinical Consultant, The Dental Specialists

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