Trigeminal Neuralgia

Acute painful episodes involving the oral cavity can be agonizing experience for dental patients in particular and very frustrating for the dentist in general. Often patients with trigeminal neuralgia end up with most of his natural teeth extracted due to the inability of the dentist to make a good diagnosis and follow a proper management protocol. Tic douloureux is a painful condition that involves the largest cranial nerve and is characterized as brief extremely painful episodes or attacks that often affect the oral cavity.

As such it becomes the clinical responsibility of the dentist to fully understand its pathophysiology, diagnostic protocol and current management. Clinical aspects of trigeminal neuralgia should be fully understood by the practicing dentist so that a more comprehensive and effective management of this acute painful condition can be instituted leading to a much better quality of life for dental patients and preventing any related morbidity that may happen due to its improper clinical treatment and management.

Eliezer B. Blanes, DMD

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